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Digital printing is a revolution in plastic packaging

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Currently, there are two more popular ways to use printed plastic packaging. Both methods are to highlight their own products. For fresh-cut products and fresh produce, it is mainly supermarkets that choose printing methods for plastic packaging. In addition, growers and exporters also use printed plastic packaging to highlight their products in the market. “We see a growing need for people to have the natural look of prints,” continued Leo. The trend of printing recipes on packaging seems to be reversed. “Each supermarket is different. For example, Albert Heijn supermarkets are no longer printing recipes on the packaging, but use the product itself to attract consumers. Other supermarkets are still printing recipes on the packaging.”

Nostalgic appearance

In addition, classic vintage fonts are becoming a trend. “In the past two years, we have often seen a bit of crazy fonts, and the letters are not printed in bold.” For example, these fonts have Western style or look like chalk. With these fonts, supermarkets are looking for packaging with a nostalgic appearance.

After continuing to use those real nostalgic styles, VanderWindt developed a special coating that makes the plastic package feel like a paper package. These inkTouchables are a layer of a coating printed on a plastic package. "Plastic packaging is very important for the shelf life of products." Leo explained, "inkTouchables gives packaging a natural look." Using printing can make people feel like paper, which sounds very contradictory, especially paper giving The impression is more durable than plastic or printed materials. However, this is not crazy, Leo explained. “If you put stickers on plastic packaging, it will consume more packaging materials. In addition, because paper and plastic cannot be separated, garbage recycling is very difficult.”

Paper printing requires less packaging material, but what about printed materials? “inkTouchables coating is completely recyclable, plastic packaging can simply be placed in plastic recycling bins. Recycled plastic will no longer be used to make food packaging. ."

Plastic Packaging Printing Revolution

With the breakthrough of digital printing, the printing technology will undergo a greater transformation. Due to this printing technology, the printing industry is changing and these changes can be seen in the market. Simply put, digital printing means that on a roll of plastic, all different packages can be printed without stopping the printing machine or making different printing plates. "You just have to send PDF files from your computer to the printer," explains Leo. An example of digital printing is a personal label printed by Coca-Cola on each bottle recently printed.

Fast and cheap

In addition to the personalization of printed plastic packaging, digital printing can provide more benefits. "If the retailer wants to test a package, it needs to buy at least 10 rolls of plastic. Delivery time is 4-5 weeks." Delivery time is used to design and develop printing plates, which takes time. However, with the development of digital printing, this time can be reduced to several hours. A roll of printed plastic packaging can now also be shipped, offering the possibility of testing new packaging.

This printing method can also save costs. Through calculations, Leo stated: “The cost of the model and the printing plate is about 2000 to 2500 euros (depending on the number of colors), and each roll of plastic packaging also requires an additional payment.” With digital printing, some packages can be pre-printed. In this way, it is easier to change the packaging according to holidays. "I hope that the printing of packaging will eventually be the same as that of business card printing." Now these business cards are also easy to order online. "A large printing company that VanderWindt Verpakking has partnered with has changed the printing method and no longer invests in the "current" flexographic printing. "I recently attended a large-scale printing exhibition in Drupa, Düsseldorf, Germany, where there is an HP setup." Nuts packing line. After the blank film is fed into the machine, the nuts that have been packaged in the printed package are finally obtained. This is the future trend. ”

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