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The word food contact should be marked for disposable paper bowls.

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From October 19th, the mandatory national standard "GB 4806.1-2016 food contact material general safety requirements" was formally implemented. As a disposable plastic cup, bowl, paper cup, paper bowl, straw and other products, all the products of direct contact with food should be carried out according to this standard.

The new regulation requires labeling products: "food contact" or "food packaging", or the indication of spoon and chopsticks.

In addition, the label "name, material, manufacturer, address, contact mode, production date, execution standard, production license number (XK), use description (such as using temperature, material can be filled, microwave etc.)" should not be separated from the minimum sales package. Products with special use requirements should be noted for usage, precautions, usage, usage environment and service temperature.
   Professor Wen Chao of the polymer professional officer of Huazhong University of Science and Technology reminds the public that plastic bowls and paper bowls will migrate out of harmful substances and enter food in contact with food, thus causing harm to people's health.
   It is understood that plastic bowls and paper bowls are managed by the quality supervision department in the field of production. If they are found to have illegal production, they are punished by the quality supervision department; the circulation field is managed by the industrial and commercial departments. If the illegal sale is found, the industrial and commercial departments are investigated and dealt with; the catering industry uses illegal products and is handled by the food and drug supervision department. Consumers found illegal products during their use, and they could report to the above departments separately.

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