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The new regulation of online catering has been implemented since 2018, encouraging the use of safe and safe packaging boxes.

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Recently, the State Administration of food and Drug Administration issued the "measures for the supervision and administration of food safety of the network catering service" (hereinafter referred to as "the method"). It has more new regulations on the network ordering. In particular, it emphasizes that the provider of catering service should have an entity store and obtain the license of food management according to law. Card. In the new approach, the third party platform providers of online catering services are encouraged to provide degradable food containers, tableware and packaging materials. It is reported that the above new measures are effective since January 1, 2018.
  Increasing quality of Internet catering
  Online ordering has become a part of people's daily life. A recent report released by the third party Research Institute Yi Guan showed that the overall transaction scale of the Internet catering export market in China reached 45 billion 950 million yuan in the two quarter of this year, up to 81.8% from the same period.

However, with the "blowout" of the online catering industry, there are more and more unsafe problems exposed in the Internet takeaway catering. Therefore, the regulatory tightening is becoming more and more obvious.

According to a survey published last year by the China National Association for the service of network takeoff, the main problems of the service and the quality of the meal delivery include: the existence of special orders for food and food is not in accordance with the requirements of health and safety; the audit of individual platform access is not strict and the unqualified businessmen are on the platform line. Remember, online operating without a license; some meal packaging breakage, leakage of food etc.......
According to the monitoring by the Shanghai food and drug administration, the qualified rate of Shanghai takeout food inspection has been 89.5% since this year, which is lower than the overall rate of 97.7% in Shanghai's various kinds of food safety risk monitoring in the same period.
  Recently, at the routine news ventilation meeting held by the food and Drug Administration of Guangdong Province, the director of the food and Drug Administration of Guangdong Province, Lin Shuying, the director of the food and Drug Administration Bureau of Guangdong Province, said that from April to August this year, the food and Drug Administration of Guangdong was deployed in the whole province to carry out special regulation action on the safety of food and food products in the whole province. Catering service providers 46212 households, found no license to operate 1147 households, exceeding the scope of 1183 households; investigation and investigation of 202 cases, including 1 cases of the investigation and investigation of third platform, 2 of the platform branch, 171 thousand yuan; the third party platform actively intercepts 11757 households, down 6138 households; the Provincial entry and beverage service providers 78041, certificate rate The rate of publicity was 97.5% and 91.7% respectively.
  The provincial food and Drug Administration said the special action aimed at focusing on solving the outstanding problems of food safety in the network, and focusing on the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the third party platform and its branch food safety management responsibilities. Whether the public information is true, accurate, complete, and whether the key links of processing and production will be displayed, whether the food distribution link in the network is in conformity with the relevant regulations.
  New method is clear
  The principle of "line and line agreement"
  Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the "online catering service and food safety supervision and management measures", which has made more new regulations for online ordering.
  Among them, for the source of the production safety of the takeout - the kitchen, the "method" has clearly defined the principle of "line and line agreement", that is, the service provider should have an entity store and obtain a license for food management according to law, and engage in business activities in accordance with the main body format and management items clearly stated in the food management license. It is not allowed to operate beyond the scope.
  As for the quality of the raw materials, the processing process and the cleaning of the production facilities, the operators are also required to process the food in their own processing area, and the order shall not be entrusted to other food operators. Otherwise, the maximum penalty amount is 30 thousand yuan.
  The reporter learned that, in view of the food safety of the source of food and beverage, the Guangdong food and beverage department has already implemented the "kitchen and bright kitchen" project, in order to improve the quality and safety of the food and beverage industry in our province. According to the plan, the provincial food and beverage department put the "kitchen and bright kitchen" construction work into the assessment index, and planned to use the whole province catering service unit "kitchen and bright kitchen" for three years.
  The reporter found that in the new method, the feeding personnel and the process of feeding are also clearly defined: the staff should keep their personal hygiene and use safe and harmless distribution containers to ensure that the food in the distribution process is not contaminated. The delivery unit should strengthen training and management of the delivery staff. There are special requirements for food preservation, such as preservation, heat preservation, refrigeration or freezing. We should adopt measures that can ensure food safety.
  According to the insiders, to strengthen the management of the meal delivery links, we need to strengthen the main responsibility of the third party takeaway platform.
  Zhu Yi, an associate professor at China Agricultural University, said that both hardware and software should be added to the distribution link, with the packing box, the sealing strip and the distribution box to pass through, and the qualification license of the distribution staff and the education and training should also keep up.
It is worth mentioning that the "approach" embodies the green concept and encourages the third party platform providers to provide degradable food containers, tableware and packaging materials.
  Prior to that, the US group took away the sale and said it would accelerate the work of the box and bag seal. It will be landing in at least 30 cities before the end of the year. It also says it will continue to promote the "blue planet" environmental protection plan, which includes the introduction of "no cutlery", environmental protection points and other measures, and cooperation with the food and drug supervision department, for all platform merchants to use disposable tableware to carry out the test.
  The head of the State Food and Drug Administration said it will strengthen the network catering service, food safety agency.

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