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The application of intelligent system in the completion of paper enterprise

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The automatic paper wrapping machine is a highly automated packaging equipment. The whole device needs only one operator. The packing process mainly includes the process of making the paper at a constant speed, the fixed length and positioning of the wrapping paper, the transverse spray, and the positioning of the paper. It is necessary to control and execute the system quickly and accurately. The system uses SIEMENS T-CPU control platform and servo drive technology to complete the functions of man-machine interface, motion planning, I/O logic operation, fault diagnosis and communication. The packaging speed can reach 15 orders / minute, and the packing effect is beautiful and stable.

The content of the intelligent system used on the automatic wrapper packaging machine includes: SIMATIC T-CPU, PROFIBUS-DP bus communication network, servo drive technology, synchronous control technology, program control system and so on.

SIMATIC T-CPU is a new motion control CPU launched by SIEMENS. Hardware integrates two cores: SIMATIC PLC controller and SIMOTION controller. The data exchange between two cores is completed by hardware without any extra programs compiled by users. This saves user development cost and shortens the time of system programming, debugging and maintenance. Its motion control programming block conforms to international PLCopen standards, and can accomplish complex motion control tasks, such as electronic gear, convex wheel disk, cam switch output, motor torque control, motor position phase deviation control, positioning control and so on.
   Using the SIEMENS standard PROFIBUS-DP network to connect the HMI man-machine interface, the various working states of the packaging machine, system alarm, parameter input, process parameters calculation and other tasks are obtained. The IM174 interface module is connected to the exclusive high-speed DP network by motion control, and the transmission and calculation of the parameters in the operation control process is completed.
   In the servo control technology, the A4/A5 series servo drive and motor used on the equipment have high performance and real-time automatic adjustment gain, according to the load inertia transformation. High speed, high response, speed response frequency up to 1kHZ, low vibration and excellent stability. With SIEMENS IM174 module, a very reasonable operation control scheme is constructed through pulse control mode.
Synchronous control of motor movement is very important when equipment is running. It is the basic guarantee for the quality of paper packaging. For the position control of 3 motor axes which need to be operated at the same time, through the design of pulse distributor, the position pulse signal which is feedback from the actual operation of the spindle is allocated to the motor axis of the 2 path, and the electronic gear parameters are set according to the mechanical transmission ratio, and the position of the driven axis and the active axis is synchronized.
   The main components of the controller include: Technology CPU, DI module, ET200M slave interface module, DO module, IM174 driver interface module, MP277 key operation screen, MinasA4/A5 servo driver, MM440 frequency converter, FESTO SPC200 pneumatic servo control system.
   The first is the IM174 communication parameter configuration in Step7, and the IM174 interface module is used to connect third party servo drives. Through the specially designed high-speed channel profibus-DP network connection, it is necessary to set the appropriate synchronization mode parameter values in the IM174 module. We need to pay special attention to that IM174 can only be used for isochronous DP network, and the minimum DP period is 1.5ms.
   The second is the servo axis configuration in the S7T Config. The main part of the motion control configuration of T-CPU is completed at the Technology configuration interface. The software package is integrated into the STEP7. After the insertion of T-CPU in the STEP7, the parameters of each servo drive shaft can be set at the S7T config package interface.

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