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Paper cup and drink cup are not recyclable

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The three main principles are mainly used for the release of recyclable materials. First, the recycled materials with high recycling value are first classified, such as newspapers and magazines, cardboard boxes, packing boxes, PET plastic bottles, and cans and so on, to ensure that this kind of recyclable material is not contaminated by mixed garbage. The two is not to put the goods that have been contaminated, wet, and stains can not be removed from the collection containers, such as oil contaminated food boxes, food packaging boxes, oil bottles and so on. Before the bottle is put into empty bottles, the liquid in the emptying bottle is simply cleaned to ensure that the other waste products in the collection container are not polluted, and respect and maintain the other's points. The results of the class. Three, it is uncertain whether recyclable waste plastics or waste plastics should be put into recyclable collection containers without pollution.

It is important to note that the paper cup and beverage cup are not recyclable because the surface is attached with a layer of plastic film (preventing water seepage), and it is not easy to separate the paper from the recycling process. Photographs, postcards, carbon paper, receipts and notepaper are not recyclable, because they are complex in composition and cannot be adequately excluded during regeneration.

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